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Leaf Dermaplaner Refills

$12.00 USD

The Leaf Dermaplaner Refill pack contains 10x refills (10x single-edge steel blades & 10x steel blade-guards).

Leaf Dermaplaner has a two-part refill system. Part 1, the blade-guard.

Part 2, a single-edge blade. It is best practice to use a clean tool for dermaplaning at home.

For best results, use a clean sharp blade each time, we suggest refilling Leaf Dermaplaner once a month or every 3 uses—whichever comes first. Always refill both the blade and blade-guard at the same time.

Please note - The Leaf Dermaplaner must be used with a blade-guard at all times. What's Included: • 10x Leaf Dermaplaner Refills (10x single-edge blades & 10x blade-guards) • Plastic-Free Packaging • Carbon Neutral

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Leaf Dermaplaner Refills

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