Our story

My mother is my biggest inspiration.  I want to tell her story one day when I become a successful entrepreneur.

Hi, my name is Em.  After years of inspiring and cajoling families, friends and community members to compost, shop locally, reduce and reuse, buy quality, not quantity it was the right direction for me to open a zero waste and refill shop.  My mission is plastic reduction, zero waste is the goal.  I seek progress in my friends, not perfection. Each time they make a swap, I cheer them on, and introduce them to a new idea they can tackle to reduce more waste.  I am constantly inspired by my families, friends and community.  My mother saved old t-shirts to use as rags.  My friend showed me how to compost at the community garden.  The zero waste community showed me their support by returning to refill on essentials regularly.

This new venture is very hard most of the time.  But I feel fulfilled.