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Your next Cup of Joe
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Your next Cup of Joe


The environmental toll of single-use coffee cups is staggering. In the United States alone, it's estimated that over 50 billion paper cups are thrown away each year, and the vast majority end up in landfills. If you drink three cups of coffee a day in single-use cup for 10 years, that mounts to ~10,920 cups!

In rethinking our reliance on single-use coffee cups, we are not just addressing a local issue but contributing to a global movement towards sustainable living. The road to change may be gradual, but with increasing awareness, innovative solutions, and collective action, we can turn the tide on the disposable cup culture. 

So, the next time you reach for that to-go cup, consider the lasting impact it might have. As consumers, we have the power to reshape the narrative around our daily indulgences, creating a future where our love for coffee doesn't come at the expense of our planet. It's time to sip responsibly and savor not just the flavor of our favorite brew but the sustainability of our choices.  Grab our favorite re-usable mug on your next trip to your favorite cafe.