Take a Field Trip to A Sustainable Village!

Are you an educator or parent searching for a fun and free experience for your children this winter?  Take a field trip to A Sustainable Village!

Led by our co-founder Jaclyn Roster, your students and children are welcome to visit the shop during weekdays to learn about both sustainability and running a small community-based business!  Jaclyn, a professor of education, will lead a short program with topics based on your students’ interests and/or curriculum covered in school.  Past programs have included discussions on composting, limiting plastic waste and creating circular economies.  Students will then be introduced to our refillery and other aspects of the business (a favorite is opening and closing the store’s front gate!).

We welcome all ages!  

If you are interested in coordinating a field trip with us, please email Jaclyn at hello@asustainablevillagenyc.com.  

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