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A Sustainable Village

Pet Gift Box-Dogs

Pet Gift Box-Dogs

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Dog Shampoo Bar-Your pup can be sustainable too!  This dog shampoo bar 

has an excellent lather, rinses out easily and smells great. 

ASV's Stone Soap Dish-This elegant and minimalist soap dish is a stylish addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Made of diatomaceous clay, ASV's soap dish absorbs water, drys quickly and prolongs the life of any soap.  

ASV's Pet Hair Remover-Made from beechwood, stainless steel and copper, our lint roller replaces disposable lint tape or plastic lint removers.  Ideal for use on carpets or durable fabrics to remove per hair. 

Paw Wax -Use year-round to sooth and protect your pet's sensitive paw pads. Made in small batches with 4 natural human grade ingredients: Almond oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax.

Sample Poopshark Compostable Poop Bags- Invented in the Village! These paper poop bags are the better alternative to plastic single-use bags.  Not only are they compostable, they are easy and fun to use.  

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