10% off refills to celebrate Earth Month

10% off refills to celebrate Earth Month

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What is a Low Waste Lifestyle?

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly.  We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." ~Anne Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef
A zero waste lifestyle is about choices we make based on the amount of trash we produce, and then throw away.  For most of us, living a pure zero waste lifestyle is not realistic.  But we can set goals to limit our waste by making conscious decisions to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  
It is about progress and not perfection on the journey to more sustainable living!

Some of our favorite Zero Waste Lifestyle tips include:

  • Purchase sustainable products
  • Shop at the farmers market and bring your reusable shopping bags and produce bags
  • Visit refill shops
  • Buy locally
  • Avoid plastic packaging
  • Opt for container that you can clean out and reuse later
  • Take your morning coffee to stay instead of on the go.   If you must take it to go, ask for paper cup without a (plastic) lid
  • Compost, (while this is a challenge for most city dwellers to start but once you get into a routine you cannot imagine your life before composting.  Check out our compact compost bins!)
  • Take to walk or bike if you're traveling short distance
  • One third of NYC waste is from food waste; help the city reduce food waste by planning ahead, store your food well, take stock of your fridge and build your recipe to cook nearly spoiled food first, and eat your leftovers


Simple sustainable Swaps 

  • Wool Dryer Balls
  • Shampoo + Conditioner Bars
  • Lotion Bars
  • Water bottle
  • Reusable grocery bags, produce bags, + unpaper towels