10% off refills to celebrate Earth Month

10% off refills to celebrate Earth Month

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Jars + Bottles donation etiquette

A clean container ALWAYS get picked up first.  So here are our guidelines for jars + bottles donation.

1. Containers MUST be clean, dry and include lids

2. No plastic containers except a really good one that you would want to reuse yourself.

3. Remove labels when possible.  We understand it can be a struggle.  A little bit of oil and basking soda will help to remove them.

4. No wine bottle, or any beverage bottles of same or similar size.  These do not move at all.  We lug them home to recycle them...

5. CLEAN jars and lids only.  This is a reminder in case you missed 1st etiquette.

Lastly, please bring the containers to a team member to quickly look through.  And thank you so much for all the wonderful donations.