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Food Huggers Fabric / Silicone Coffee Bag

$32.00 USD

Fantastic gift for coffee lovers. Our reusable fabric/silicone bag is the ultimate solution for a sustainable, packaging free, eco friendly, coffee routine. (also great for bulk shopping, refill stores, and package free grocery shopping. N

The patented material combines 100% cotton with food grade silicone creating a multi-functional, multi-use, dishwasher safe bag. With its classic roll-top construction, the Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag allows you to easily remove air and keep your coffee and bulk goods fresh for longer periods of time. Thanks to its bendable, silicone-covered metal arms, you can create an airtight seal that locks in all that delicious flavor and aroma.

When not in use, the bags easily roll up and fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack, making them the perfect companion for all your package-free shopping adventures

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Food Huggers Fabric / Silicone Coffee Bag

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