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Bottle/Bag Drying Rack

$50.00 USD

Eco-friendly in several ways, this countertop Stone Splash Drying Rack allows you to dry up to four items at once. Great for plastic bags, water bottles, vases, glass milk bottles, dish cloths, baby bottles, and many more items, it allows you to easily dry and reuse items that would otherwise end up in the landfill or recycling bin. The stems come in two lengths to hold items large and small, including large bottles and up to 1 gallon zip bags.

Made from recycled granite, hand-collected beach stones, and solid brushed aluminum rods, the Drying Rack lets you rotate the rods to any position you please, to accommodate each drying item and fit perfectly on your counter. It can be spread like a bouquet, placed against the backsplash, or even nestled into a corner.

Unlike traditional wooden drying racks that are unsuitable for wet conditions and promote mold, or chrome plated steel racks that will rust, our durable Drying Rack will never mold, rust, warp, or wear.  Zero-waste.  Sustainable.

Made in United States of America

Bottle/Bag Drying Rack: $50.00 USD My cart
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Bottle/Bag Drying Rack

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